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Author Curtis Williams has a passion for writing but decided to write this book because of his own personal loss. His own brother was killed due to gang violence.

Now he has dedicated his life to educating young inner city youth about the choices they have the ability to make to direct their lives in a positive direction. He gives them the tools they need to think for themselves so they do not end up in the violent world of street gangs.

He also recognizes an problem of almost epidemic proportions in our youth communities today and it is bullying.
With the advent of social networks, there has never been a time like today for people to communicate with each other. Unfortunately, this dynamic creates an opportunity like never before for some young people to be cruel and mean spirited to their fellow students and peers.

"It seems that the bullying situation crosses all color and class lines and it's doing so much damage to our youth today, I think it should be all of our problem and priority to address." says Curtis. " This is why I was moved to take action and write this children's book, as well as set up a non profit organization with a mission and a message for not only the children, but the parents as well..."

You will want to get a copy and read it with your child or perhaps get a few copies and share them with friends you may know who have children. For the educators, Curtis has also developed a curriculum which can be downloaded and used as a teaching tool.

The County of Los Angeles is currently working with Curtis to help further this important message and part of the solution which impacts so many of our children and therefore the future of our communities.


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